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The go to partner for modern business – providing innovative solutions and real world advice.

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Based in Manchester, berg is the go to partner for modern business, providing innovative solutions and real-world advice. A strong team of commercial legal experts, we apply imagination in everything we do. This isn’t a fad or a new trend – we’ve been this way since our inception in 1980.

We stand up for what’s right – championing common sense and fair play.

At berg, we are incisive, courageous, and enterprising. We are a local business partner with a national reputation. We are not afraid to take on anyone – This has seen us go up against names like Rolls Royce and Littlewoods, outthinking them and their Magic Circle law firms.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do at berg, and we think our clients deserve more than just lawyers. They need advisors who can understand their business goals and give incisive, direct and effective advice.

The modern, complex business world is not a place for lawyers who simply know the law, but demands a partner led approach from a team that truly understands the plans and motivations of their clients, as well as the economic, political and social backdrop.

The law isn’t black and white.

So why choose a law firm that’s grey when you can go full colour and have berg on your side?

Welcome to the imaginative law firm

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