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Posted in:Education, HR and Employment|December 14, 2015 | Join the mailing list

In a
recent survey 59% of schools said that they struggled to fill vacancies and 20% of schools failed to appoint into the vacancy at all.  In summary, the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) concluded
there’s ‘a recruitment crisis’ in schools.

The Department of Education disagrees and states
"The number and quality of teachers in our classrooms is at an all-time high (DfE). 
And yet, this statement is difficult to reconcile with its own PR advertisement video: Your Future: Their Future, and the introduction of tax-free bursaries and scholarships, introduced
in October 2015 to get more people into teaching.

But, if the government and education associations cannot agree on the issue, stakeholders and the public are left wondering who or what to believe.

The implications for schools are hugely problematic.  Aside from the impact on the teaching curriculum, the costs to schools can be crippling, with the NAHT
claiming agency fees of up to £10,000 were paid for one placement.  Coupled with high supply teacher costs, some schools with already vulnerable budgets can be left in dire straits.

But what can schools do?

There are alternative low cost measures schools can implement to help themselves if struggling with recruiting staff.

Here are our top 10 tips:

Your school’s website is your ‘shop window’ and the first port of call for prospective staff. It needs to convey the positive messages of what your school has to offer staff, not just
what it can offer pupils.

What is your competitive advantage?  How does your school compare with the school 10 miles away?

3. Do you communicate/promote your school’s
benefits? Teachers are looking for what their future employer school has to offer and are more willing to ‘shop around’ or ‘hold out’ to get the best deal.

Social media (Twitter/ Facebook/ LinkedIn) is a free accessible tool to place vacancies on but is not used effectively.  By sharing posts it widens the reader audience.

Open days are a great way to showcase your school.

Your staff are your best PR; use them to promote your school by offering a staff referral scheme.

It’s not just the new starters schools need to concentrate on; leavers are just as important.  How your staff leave your school can say a lot about it as a work place
for prospective staff.  Exit interviews can help to address or minimise any issues.

Create an applicant database.  You may interview 2 or 3 good teachers for 1 place. Keep contact details of the unsuccessful applicants for future reference.

Have a positive induction for new starters to improve retention and iron out any creases early on.

 Finally, consider using your stakeholders in the recruitment programme; as indirect consumers of school services they have a voice and an opinion on their local schools. 
Some may even be parent governors. Using your stakeholders in promotional videos or a school tour can help promote your school.

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