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I usually arrive at our offices around 8:40am to 8:45am as the commute isn’t too bad from where I live. On arriving at my desk I tend to make a quick cup of quite strong coffee before I review my e-mail inbox and set the daily voicemail message. I also check
any reminders that I may have set the day before should they appear.

In our Corporate department you either work on any specific projects with the relevant fee earners handling the matter, or you are sent one-off memos from the various members of the department (and others as well) such as your research tasks and Companies
House searches and the like.

My day might consist of preparing disclosure bundles and a supporting index for a transaction that is nearing completion, the next day I could be asked to review and obtain the latest amended legislation for The Telecommunications (Lawful Business)(Interception
of Communications) Regulations 2000.

On another day you may be required to draft an anti-bribery policy and confidentiality agreements utilising various online databases like Practical Law Company, or to undergo a page turn exercise or to draft share certificates for our on-going transactions.
Research tasks can breed various topics, such as the accounting formalities for a revaluation reserve account or drafting a brief summary on the procedures for appointing administrative receivers in another jurisdiction.

If it is a quieter day, you are expected to review and prepare legal updates or news articles in commercial law and in the telecoms sector, as well as assisting with our numerous business and marketing projects.

However the day is going, I tend to head out at lunchtime for another coffee with a book, or to go for lunch with the trainees or my other friends in the city. I usually spend a little time talking about sport with those in the office who are 6 Nations fans
or United/City/Liverpool fans (which always proves entertaining), or chatting with the secretaries whilst making a brew.

However the day has gone, before I head off home I check and update my to-do-lists, organise and archive my e-mails, and clear my desk before shutting down. Depending of course on how busy the department is, the times I leave can vary, but most days I set
off around 5:30.

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