Bank of Ireland official filmed discussing fraudulent claim

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Posted in:Banking and Finance|November 16, 2015 | Join the mailing list

BBC Northern Ireland has uncovered yet further ruthless banking practices. The recent BBC NI Spotlight feature,
At War with the Bank,
investigates the actions of Bank of Ireland its clash with a Tyrone businessman who claims to have uncovered criminal behaviour, including tampering with accounts in order to fraudulently claim money for the bank, after secretly recording bank officials.

The programme also shares footage of what appears to be bank officials boasting about particularly ruthless approaches they had taken to recovering money from customers, questioning ‘acceptable behaviour’ and the bank’s ethos.

This not the first time ruthless banking practices have been investigated by the BBC, with a feature aired in September 2015 looking into ruthless loan pursuit carried out by Dunbar Bank. In the investigation BBC reporters interviewed
berg managing partner Alison Loveday who commented that the actions of Dunbar showed the “complete disregard they had for any type of human compassion” finding some of

Dunbar’s enforcement action to be “at the most extreme”.

The disparity between the suggested customer welfare ethos put forward by the major banks and the reality of ruthless actions taken by these banks against business owners in order to pursue debt and engineer defaults is a theme
that berg is familiar to uncovering through client cases and support and runs through years of banking litigation expertise, the most recent report being the
berg Banking Report 2015.

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