Banking Update: RBS Announces Its Q1 and Q2 Profits

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Posted in:Banking and Finance|July 25, 2014 | Join the mailing list

RBS has issued its six monthly figures, and has reported a surprise return to profit, confirming it expects pre-tax profits of £2.65bn for the first half of the year, up from £1.37bn last year.

The provisional report issued to the London Stock Exchange confirms that the Bank has set aside a further £100 million in regards to redress payment for Interest Rate Hedging Products.

This announcement comes after RBS were forced to write to the Treasury Select Committee this week (22nd July 2014) to confirm that when Chris Sullivan and Dereck Sach gave evidence to the Committee they had misled the Committee by stating that GRG was “not
a profit centre” when in fact it was.  Mr Sullivan had also informed the Committee in evidence that he had never seen a draft of Clifford Chance’s draft report.  Mr Sullivan admits that this was not true, he had in fact seen a draft of the report before it
was published.

One must question why Mr Sullivan would not remember seeing the Clifford Chance report (into RBS’s use of GRG) prior to it being published.  It was a very important and crucial document.

One must also question why Clifford Chance sent a draft or even more than one, to RBS.  The report was a s.166
independent report into RBS.  Why then was this independent report sent to RBS before publication inviting RBS to make amendments and comments?  Does this not make the independent report seem a little “un-independent”?

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