Benefits of E-mail Reminders for Companies House Filing Requirements

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Posted in:Corporate and Commercial|April 28, 2015 | Join the mailing list

Research undertaken by Companies House shows that companies who have switched to e-mail reminders from paper are more likely to file their accounts and annual return on time.

The Companies House website provides information in relation to the advantages of e-mail reminders and how to register for this service.

The obvious benefit of switching to e-mail reminders is the improved compliance rates (to deadlines), which results in it being less likely that a company will get a penalty for filing their accounts late.

The e-mail reminder service is free and has many advantages over the paper system:

1.    You can choose up to 4 people to receive a reminder (including an agent);
2.    you can file your document immediately from a link within the reminder;
3.    it is more convenient;
4.    it is cheaper; and
5.    it is better for the environment.

We recommend that you should register for the e-mail reminder service, particularly as Companies House intend on withdrawing paper reminders in the future as part of their aim to become a fully-digital organisation.

Please see below guidance (with relevant hyperlinks) on how to register for the service:

1.    sign in to the Companies House online filing service;
2.    select ‘join e-Reminders’ from your company overview screen;
3.    enter your e-mail address (a maximum of 4 per company);
4.    click the link in the e-mail Companies House sends you to validate your e-mail address; and
5.    agree to the terms of operation.

Companies House will send you an e-mail when you have successfully joined the reminder service.

New users will need to
register to use the Companies House online filing service.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact Stephen Foster on 0161 833 9211 or at

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