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Posted in:berg profile and brand|February 4, 2016 | Join the mailing list

As a draft proposal was announced to keep Britain in the EU and PM David Cameron claims it will deliver the ‘substantial change’ which was promised in his manifesto, berg’s MD Richard Clark was invited to discuss the issue live on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Featuring on current affairs show with DJ Phil Williams, Richard was joined on a panel with Tricia Huggins who runs a cleaning company, University of Salford journalism student Nathan Salt, Ann Buckley who works in adult social care and political editor Arif Ansari.

Immigration and benefits were highlighted as key issues in the document with Richard Clark commenting that the current draft of the document isn’t designed for the electorate but for people in government and law firms; the big challenge he said was to make this document understandable for all, a sentiment which was echoed by the other panel members.

Discussing immigration he said that this was an issue which young people should be talking about as it will impact them in the future in respect of who is coming to the UK, for which jobs and who is paying for and in receipt of benefits and services such as the NHS and reiterated the point that the draft isn’t understandable enough and doesn’t allow for the majority of people to make an informed view.

As part of the proposal David Cameron has secured in principle a clear legal statement that the UK is not committed to further political integration but it remains unclear how this will be included in the EU treaty; in short whether we can set our own laws or comply with EU ones.

Commenting Richard said we have to get the sovereignty piece clear as at the moment we have words but no policy and there is still much debate to be had. Journalism student Nathan Salt said it was unclear how laws are set and how they affect him whilst other panel members felt that the UK shouldn’t be dictated to by European law.

On the subject of the Euro, the panel was keen to stay with the pound, commenting that the EU shouldn’t be in a position to control the UK’s funds and that nations with such disparity of income and economic status cannot be tied together. Richard Clark said we are seeing the benefits of having a much stronger economy at the moment which is helping us trade worldwide without being restricted by Europe.

In closing Richard said “ I was really hoping what came out today would give me an indication of whether it’s a yes or a no, but I need to see clear messages from the government and the opposition to say what this means for me and for everybody “

You can listen to the full interview here

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