Berg speak to BBC File on 4 focus on GRG

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Posted in:Banking and Finance|January 22, 2014 | Join the mailing list

Last night award winning BBC Radio 4 investigative series, File on 4, turned the spotlight onto GRG and RBS and asked “was RBS being predatory or prudent?”

The File on 4 feature, Default by Design? was led by reporter Jane Deith who interviewed Alison Loveday about Berg’s client’s experiences under RBS, the rising tide of complaints against
the taxpayer-owned bank & Global Restructuring Group activities.

Berg clients
Mike and Diane Hockin and their MP Gary Streeter
also spoke to the File on 4 team explaining the devastating impact on their family business.

Listen again to the BBC Radio 4 File on 4 Default by Design programme in full here

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"I applaud the courage you have shown in fighting for David against the RBS Goliath "

Banking Client, Anonymous

"berg clearly had in depth knowledge of the whole process and that together with the professionalism of the team put our company in a strong position to recoup a very significant sum and for that we thank you"

Banking Client, Anonymous.