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Posted in:berg Advisory, Corporate and Commercial, HR and Employment|August 7, 2013 | Join the mailing list

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills ("BIS") recently published a paper calling for views on corporate responsibility.

In the BIS paper,
Corporate Responsibility: A Call For Views
, the expression "corporate responsibility" is described as the responsibility of an organisation for the impact of its decisions and activities on society, together with the environment, through transparent and
ethical behaviour which go beyond the company’s statutory requirements. The call for views is part of the Government’s aim to achieve sustainable and balanced economic growth, and to build a stronger and fairer society.

The call for views raises a number of questions around issues including:

• obligations to report and disclose;
• supply chain management;
• business and society;
• business and human rights; and
• corporate responsibility in SMEs.

The consultation closes on the 27 September 2013 and BIS intends to publish a framework action plan dealing with corporate responsibility before the end of this year.  We will report further when that framework has been published.

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