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Posted in:HR and Employment|July 10, 2013 | Join the mailing list

The Government has announced that the new laws on confidential conversations about employment settlements will come into effect on 29 July 2013.

Under these new laws, employers will be able to discuss possible termination of employment settlements with their employees without the risk that the employees might then use that conversation as evidence in a subsequent unfair dismissal claim.

Employers will still need to tread carefully however, as the conversation will only be confidential if it took place without any "improper conduct" on the part of the employer and there will be a new ACAS code published which will provide guidance as to what
kind of conduct is likely to be regarded as improper. That code has yet to be finalised and passed by Parliament, so watch this space for more news.

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Michelle acted for me as when I was faced with termination of employment under a Settlement agreement. She quickly got to the core of the matter, provided reassurance about the strength of my position, and was vigorous in seeking a satisfactory conclusion

Director of a US multi-national corporation, Employment client,

Fantastic! the team presenting the social media seminar were great and the barrister excellent. Thanks for a great session the information given will be shared across our MAT.

Arati Patel Mistry, New Charter Academy