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Meet the team:

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Posted in:Banking and Finance|March 26, 2014 | Join the mailing list


For a number of years now Berg has been aware of the manner in which Banks have been dealing with SMEs.  Berg is a commercial law firm and has represented businesses in disputes with their Bank for many years.  Within that context Berg became aware of issues
relating to the sale by the Banks to SMEs of interest rate hedging products.  Berg was and continues to be at the forefront of this area of law.

Following on from the success of this team Berg now has a dedicated Banking and Financial Dispute Team.

The team is headed by three of Berg’s Partners.

Alison Loveday is Berg’s Managing Partner.  Alison has featured in the media relating to banking issues. Alison regularly appears on BBC Breakfast news to discuss these issues.
Alison has also been invited to provide evidence to the Treasury Select Committee in looking at SME lending.  Alison also regularly meets with MPs to discuss clients’ cases.

Reuben Berg is Berg’s Senior Partner (and founder).  Reuben has been at the forefront of developing relationships with customers, advising them on their financial disputes and challenging the banks.
It is Reuben’s client centric approach that has led to Berg being a leader in this area of law.

John Colvin
joined Berg in 2013.  John has 16 years’ experience in litigation and contract law.  John’s wealth of experience in such matters has proven to be a real asset to Berg and Berg’s clients.

Berg’s team also benefits from the continuing development of trainee solicitors and paralegals, together with the invaluable assistance of support staff.

Commercial clients can benefit from Berg’s services in most areas of commercial and coporate law, together with property.  Berg’s website is shortly to be updated to include the full services available from the Banking and Financial Dispute Team.  In summary,
Berg will be able to assist businesses in relation to the following areas.

The services from the banking and financial dispute is:-

–    Interest rate hedging products
–    GRG and West Register
–    Lloyds valuations and debt sale
–    Banking products (including foreign exchange)
–    Pensions

–    Tax avoidance schemes
–    Death bonds
–    Equity release
–    Professional negligence

For more information about any of the above or for practical commercial advice on this or any other aspect of banking or interest rate swaps please contact
Kalvin Chapman by telephone; 0161 833 9211 or

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"Damian’s tenacity and commercial nous resulted in the company achieving its desired outcome at an early stage in the Court proceedings"

Mr Geoffrey Wilkinson, Director of Portside House (Duke Street) Limited

"Without berg the bank would have seen me as easy pickings as we would not have understood the necessary level of detail, the issues involved or obtained the relevant evidence to present a strong case"

KD, Property Investor