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I’m sure everyone remembers what it is like to take their very first steps on their chosen career path. Having recently started my working life with a commercial law firm, I am all too familiar with what it is like to be a ‘new starter’ in this environment.

Many TV and movie lawyers are portrayed as high flying masterminds who have the ability to think on their feet in high pressure situations. Of course, many successful lawyers are exactly this and Mike Ross in the TV series Suits strives to be one of them.

So, what makes Mike Ross my favourite TV lawyer? He, like me, is a ‘new starter’ in the world of commercial law and therefore we have something in common. Even though Mike is a genius, he still has a lot to learn about law as knowledge is built on experience.
Mike’s concern and dedication towards his cases and clients shows that there is much more to law than being intellectual. The character highlights the importance of having the correct attitude and willingness to learn from others’ wisdom and guidance. And,
of course, Mike’s ability to learn from his mistakes, his quick wit and no-nonsense approach to work is very admirable.

All ‘new starters’ want to do their very best in whatever job they have entered into. Mike shows that mistakes can be made by anyone, yet, what is important is that he is able to learn from his mistakes as he has the right work ethic, charisma, and drive
to succeed.

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