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Posted in:HR and Employment|April 29, 2015 | Join the mailing list

Shared parental leave is now fully in effect, with many parents of babies due (or of children adopted) on or after 5 April having the right to share up to 50 weeks’ leave.

The new rights are the biggest shake-up in family-centred employment law for decades, but the legislation is detailed and complicated, both for employers and for employees.

There are strict eligibility tests which need to be met by employees and their partners in order for the employees to be entitled to take the leave and possibly also be paid shared parental pay, and there are also detailed requirements about giving notices
to the employer and on timescales.

It will be very easy for both employees and employers to get things wrong and it’s crucial for businesses that they’re up to the speed with the new legislation and ready to respond when employees put in shared parental leave requests.

Equally, it’s important for businesses to do all they can to ensure their workforce understand the new rules and to avoid confusion and misunderstandings about what the entitlements are and how they can be exercised.

To make sure your business complies with the regulations and so you and your workforce all know where you stand, it’s best to have a shared parental leave policy in place, setting out the new rights and responsibilities.

As we’ve said, the laws are complicated, but help’s on hand, as the Berg team have done all the hard work for you.

We’ve drafted a shared parental leave policy for you to use and it’s available to buy for £325 + VAT (with the optional extra of a one hour training session  from the team on the new law for £175 + VAT).

This offer is available until 31 May 2015 and to take it up, please contact
Tim Gower
on 0161 817 2809 or email him at

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"I found Stephen Foster very approachable and with his knowledge of company law I was happy he was overseeing the transaction. I also liked Tim Gower’s responsive and eager attitude in running the process."

Warren Lefton, Macrae Roxburgh Appleby

berg supported our start up 'Catch my parcel' consumer test, via terms and conditions and contract development. This work was done fast, good value and fit for purpose…just what we needed

David Kirby, My Neighbour Ltd., Corporate & Commercial client