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Posted in:HR and Employment|March 22, 2012 | Join the mailing list

On 21 March 2012, Berg, in conjunction with CY4OR, held an employment law seminar on ‘Managing the virtual world in our workplace’, at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.

The breakfast session included talks on the benefits and potential risks of the use of social media in the workplace, how to set about protecting your business and how to conduct a forensic investigation
should confidential or other vital information leak into the public domain through social media or otherwise.

This was followed by a case study designed to invite attendees to think about how they would deal with an incident within their own business, and an analysis of key considerations organisations must deal
with when drafting a social media policy.

Thank you to all those that attended. The feedback from the event was very positive, with respondents particularly praising the usefulness and interactivity of the session on what is currently a very ‘live
issue’ for businesses.

If you would be interested in receiving the slides or case studies from this seminar please contact our marketing team by email on

We regularly host employment law and other seminars, so if there is an issue or topic that you would like to see covered at a future event, or if you would simply be interested in attending, please contact
Nigel Crebbin at

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"I have been hugely impressed by the common sense approach taken by the entire team as well as by their hard work, good humour and superb advice."

Keith Black, Regatta

“I am genuinely impressed by berg [...] largely due to Alison who is probably the best lawyer I have worked with. Edward helped us deal with the complications that arose in our lives following the destruction of our business. He was helpful, and provided wise advice in a compassionate way..."

Sebastian Parsons, Litigation & Restructuring client