Standardised testing in the workplace – Preventing alcohol abuse for a safe and happy workplace?

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Posted in:HR and Employment|November 8, 2013 | Join the mailing list

This week there has been a call for people to be routinely tested for alcohol in the work place.

Doctors think standardised testing could help prevent harmful drinking at an earlier stage and would help reduce absence because of sickness.

“People coming into work with the result of last night’s drinking often will still be over the limit. There’s a lot of absenteeism as a result of drinking and there’s also a lot of people turning really not fit enough to do the job” said Eric Appleby from Alcohol

Real Radio
today spoke to Eric Appleby from Alcohol Concern and Nigel Crebbin, Employment Partner here at Berg, who was asked about the impact on employers

Nigel warns that companies should tread carefully if they are going to introduce alcohol testing:

“If employers were to try to use some form of alcohol testing policy as a means of getting rid of employees who they really want to get rid of for other reasons, then that would be a risky course of action.”

However, Nigel comments that voluntary alcohol testing in the work place could be effective “it can have health benefits to employees as they can speak to someone and get an understanding of whether they are drinking too much. Obviously that would benefit the
employer because it is the employer’s interests that their employees are healthy and happy.”

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visit the Real Radio news story here

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