The Wall of Corporate Re-financing

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Posted in:Business Finance, Refinance|March 7, 2011 | Join the mailing list

"There has been much talk of a "wall of refinancing" during the course of this year and 2012, which is a consequence of the vast amount of five year corporate, property and leveraged debt that was provided during the peak of the market in 2006 and 2007.
Most of that debt will need to be refinanced in the next 18 months.

In the corporate debt market, although very large businesses have the luxury of being able to wait, many of them are choosing to speak to lenders early. Although there is much evidence to support the view that SMEs are still struggling to access the senior
corporate market, it remains open for business for healthy larger corporates that have traded well through the recession.

There is a justified level of fear that these larger healthy businesses will soak up what reduced liquidity there is in the senior debt market and so many businesses are moving lenders now. If you run a business which has struggled through the recession, or
have something unusual in your business model, we suggest that you consider following that lead, because there is little evidence that pricing will come back materially during the next 18 months.

Generally speaking, lenders continue to look for consistency and quality in a business’ management team and financial reporting systems. Although the need to refinance might be less of an issue for businesses with private equity backing, for those with known
weaknesses, now is the time to think about resolving those weaknesses.

How can Berg help?

We understand that in the current market liquidity is likely to matter more than price and can provide you with straightforward commercial advice in assessing your funding options.

We have an experienced team of specialists who work with businesses of all sizes, to help them through the refinancing process.

Using our network of contacts, we can help you identify appropriate banks to approach, and how best to approach them. When a lender that can work for and with your business has been selected we can manage the refinancing process to its conclusion.

For further information, please contact Reuben Berg ( on 0161 8339211.

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