Trade associations: templates & documents – what are they good for?

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It is vitally important that every business ensures that the contracts it enters into are appropriate and suitable for the needs of that business.

Depending on the strength and bargaining position that a party to a contract may have, the terms and conditions of a contract can change and vary from time to time, but that does not mean to say that is a bad thing. Indeed, it is unusual (and often a bad idea) to have one terms and conditions sheet that is set in stone for every customer of a business.

Some trade associations, steering groups or networks may publicise “standard” terms and conditions for businesses in a particular industry to use. Whilst many may assume that having a document produced by a supposedly reputable organisation will be “saving” them money, this is a dangerous assumption to make.

A “standard” document drafted by a trade association or similar body will be just that, standard.

All commercial contracts should be tailored to the needs of the parties to it. Whilst a trade association or similar body may provide a helpful starting point, it is unlikely that the document is going to fit perfectly with what that business requires.

SMEs and start-ups especially should take careful note when drafting their business’ template terms and conditions and think twice when amending and negotiating aspects of them in the future.

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