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Posted in:HR and Employment|February 14, 2011 | Join the mailing list

Valentines Day – the day on which traditionally ‘love is in the air’. Statistics have shown that a significant proportion of us now meet our ‘loved one’ at work. Conducting a romantic relationship in the workplace is not, however, without its difficulties.

Some employers are so concerned that they formally outlaw personal relationships in the workplace. They tend to be particularly concerned with confidentiality – or pillow talk. Such provisions are very difficult to enforce.

In my experience, when the relationship is going well there are few difficulties for the couple but their relationship may be a source of embarrassment for others. The couple may be under the impression that their relationship is secret, only to learn that
it is common knowledge. This in turn can lead to potential allegations of favouritism and / or preferential treatment.

Things only get worse if the relationship breaks down. Allegations of bullying and harassment are not uncommon , together with victimisation and discrimination. Ultimately one or both individuals may leave the business causing upset and disruption.

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