Driving a case against Rolls Royce

Meet the team:

Our passion for fair play stems right back to our inception in 1980.

That Summer, Reuben Berg, our Founder and Senior Partner, was enjoying an informal meeting with a client. During the discussion the client mentioned that his brand new Rolls Royce had been handling poorly and was giving off a strong smell of fuel.

Reuben advised him to consult a qualified mechanical engineer – who several days later reported that eight critical spot welds had been missed and a faulty fuel vent pipe was leaking into the boot.

We wasted no time in sending a letter to Rolls Royce rejecting the vehicle and seeking a replacement; they refused.

Rolls Royce came with an unchallenged reputation – no one had ever won a case against them previously. Unperturbed we initiated litigation during which we discovered that engineering records for our client’s vehicle had been falsified.

Rolls-Royce instructed Slaughter & May, one of the magic circle firms*. However, unbowed we continued the case which we were able to get to trial within 12 months, an incredible feat in 1981. Judgment was obtained for the client in full and Rolls Royce appealed the Judgment, but eventually settled just before the case went to the Court of Appeal for £144,000, approximately £130,000 more than it would have cost them had they accepted our initial proposal.

Becoming the first law firm to successfully obtain a Judgment against Rolls Royce for negligent manufacture set the tone for our evolving firm, and demonstrates that if we believe a case is right we will not be intimidated or driven away.

* The Magic Circle is a collective name for the top five UK law firms. We often beat them, which is quite a trick in itself.

Meet the team: