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The banking world has been through an unprecedented state of change over recent years and we are seeing a number of situations where banks are looking to end relations with borrowers with little notice. Often minor technical breaches of covenants in funding agreements are cited as the reason.

Should such a situation arise, borrowers are left with very little time to refinance to avoid losing their assets.  Kennedys can help you before, during and after refinance by:

Getting ready for Refinance

As a result it is key to risk management to ensure you are “Ready for Refinance” and in a position to move funders quickly. Taking this proactive step is a small investment that can reap huge dividends later by putting you on the front foot when it comes to refinancing.

Wider business benefits of being ready for re-finance include:

The Refinance transaction

As part of a transaction involving the re-financing of indebtedness by replacing existing lenders with new lenders, the new lender will require the business, and sometimes its key managers, to receive legal advice on the content of the finance documents.

As well as managing the transaction and responding to all enquiries made by the old lender and the new one, our Banking and Finance team will be able to highlight the risks and provide high-level advice, in satisfaction of any conditions of lending.

Our extensive experience in the Refinancing arena provides Kennedys with the opportunity not only to assist clients with the best legal support for the transaction, but also to look at the wider commercial opportunities and provide strategic advice throughout.

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You can find out more details about our legal services by getting in touch via contactus@kennedyslaw.com, calling us,or using the contact form.


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