If you are, or if you need a company secretary

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When you need a company secretary

It is not a legal requirement to have a company secretary, although it is a legal requirement for a company director to ensure that the company files its Companies House paperwork on time and complies with its statutory requirements. To help you make sure you don’t forget to meet a deadline or carry out a company secretarial task, Kennedys offers itself as a company secretary for your business.

When you need new statutory books

Failing to maintain up-to-date statutory books at the company’s registered office (or at the company’s alternate inspection location) is a criminal offence. However, we

recognise that sometimes statutory books can go missing and need to be re-constituted, or other times you simply need a helping hand to keep them properly updated. Our corporate team can assist with one off creations or updates of statutory books, or can even take the task of keeping them updated off your hands altogether with Kennedys’ Company Secretarial Services.

When you need a persons of significant control (“PSC”) register

As with statutory books, it is a criminal offence for a company not to maintain a register that shows the persons who exercise significant control over it. Our corporate team can provide you with a template register for you to fill out and file at Companies House yourself, or if you wish, we can fill in and file the register for you, so you don’t have to worry any further.

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To find out more about Kennedys’ Company Secretarial services fill in the form on the right of this page, pick up the phone or email contactus@kennedyslaw.com and we are happy to help out.

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