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If you’re a business owner, shareholder or director

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When you own a busy business, you may often find yourself spending too much time working in the business rather than focusing on its growth and profitability. Our expert team can work alongside you and your team to reduce the burden of legal compliance and provide practical strategic advice to help turn your ideas into valuable assets.

When choosing the right structure matters

If your business is changing you may find your current structure no longer works for you. Our experts will advise on the options available, to enable your business to better position itself for its next chapter. Whether the business is at the appropriate size for a holding entity to be put in place with one or more subsidiaries, or if difficult decisions need to be made and an insolvency process needs to be considered, our team of experts comprising lawyers with Corporate and (if necessary) Insolvency specialisms can pool their experience to restructure your business.

When you’re growing through acquisitions

Getting the right advice is essential when considering purchasing the assets of, or share capital in, another business. Our team provides bespoke advice, relevant for every deal and when you’re looking to buy, sell or merge a business.

When you want to protect yourself against payment and liability issues

Having well written terms and conditions is essential for any trading entity and can prevent problems with payment and liability further down the line. A fully comprehensive set of terms and conditions should be seen as your “get out of jail free card” and also your “enforcer”, which our Corporate and Commercial team can draft after taking the time to fully understand the nature of your business and how you operate.

When you need to develop or buy in to a franchise

When considering franchising your business or buying into a franchise, it’s crucial to protect the business model you’ve worked so hard to establish. From providing initial advice to dealing with the commercial terms, such as: fees; territory; and intellectual property, we can ensure you get legal advice from our commercially minded team of experts.

When you need advice to ensure you are meeting your company director responsibilities

Being appointed as a director of a company carries its own responsibilities and requirements. We can help you fulfil your legal duties with practical advice and ongoing support. If you find you’re unclear on your duties, we can provide as much training as you need in order to make sure you feel confident whilst holding office.

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