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If you’re launching a new product/service

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When you need to have a product manufactured

For projects with a high value, or for those more bespoke arrangements, a tailored approach to manufacturing and supply agreements is required. Our expert team can partner with you from start to finish, providing strategic and commercial advice.

When you need to license your product or service

If licensing your product or service factors in your operation, having the correct licence arrangement in place is crucial to making sure your rights are protected, and you keep the commercial advantage. From identifying risk areas to drafting licences and assisting with negotiations, our tailored and targeted approach can help you to meet your objectives.

When you’re designing software

Software is a specialist area that’s continually growing and evolving with ever changing technology. Finding a legal team that understands your challenges, commercial drivers and legal issues is key, and we would be proud to be that partner. From development, contracts, resale arrangements and software licensing, we can work with you. We act for suppliers, developers, resellers and licensees, and have a broad understanding of the potential pitfalls so we can help you to avoid them.

When you’re ready to sell your products or services

Once your ideas have been developed and you’re ready to trade, it’s important to protect your distribution channels. Our practical advice at the outset can help prevent future issues with payments, delivery and sales criteria, to make sure things run smoothly from the start. Whether you need bespoke agreements for online or offline trading, or if you need some strategic input to help make your idea a commercial success, our commercially minded experts are able to help.

When you’re financing your venture

When you’ve identified an opportunity to start a business or launch a new product, you don’t want the securing of the finance to stand in the way. As a trusted adviser with a number of funders, we’re well placed to ensure your funding is secured as simply and quickly as possible. Whether you go through traditional channels such as high street banks, choose to refinance your business through other providers, or want to investigate alternative sources of finance like business angels or crowdfunding, our experience should give you confidence. We’ve helped a wide range of businesses in diverse sectors to secure the funding they needed, and could do the same for you.

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