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If you’re launching a start-up

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When you’ve got a new business idea, or you’ve identified an opportunity that you think you can capitalise on, you’re likely to want to move things forward quickly. Our expert team can work alongside you and your team to make sure your plans come to life as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Turning your ideas into valuable assets is key to commercial success, and we are here to help you make the most of them from the very beginning.

When you need to choose the right structure

When you first set up a business, choosing the right structure for that business in terms of either trading as a limited company, limited liability partnership, partnership or sole trader, or even the corporate structure of that limited company in terms of shareholdings, directors or members’ powers etc. can be difficult. Our expert team can talk you through the different options and help you choose the right structure based on your personal plans and goals.

When you’re financing your venture

When you’ve identified an opportunity to start a business, you don’t want the securing of the finance to stand in the way. Whether you go through traditional channels such as high street banks or want to investigate alternative sources of finance, our experience should give you confidence. We’ve helped a wide range of businesses in diverse sectors to secure the funding they needed, and could do the same for you.  Find out more about on how we can help you finance your venture on our Banking & Finance pages.

When you need outside investment to move forward

All start-ups need one thing in order to commence trading, funding. Whether the investment into your business comes from your personal savings, family or friends, there may come a point when a cash injection is needed from someone outside of the business.

When you have intellectual property (IP) to protect and leverage [N.B. link IP page].

One popular space for start-ups at the moment is the tech space. However, by their very nature, tech start-ups find themselves with highly valuable intangible assets and potentially an unattractive prospect for a traditional high street lender if not positioned correctly.  We can help ensure you are properly informed in respect of copyright, trademarks, patents and design rights. Our team can help you to protect your intellectual property, and advise you on how you can capitalise on it.  Read more about our IP services on our dedicated webpage.

When you want to protect yourself against payment and liability issues

“Terms and conditions” is a legal term most people are used to hearing, although often they’re inadequate, even in well established businesses. Having well written terms and conditions is essential for trading profitably and can prevent problems with payment and liability further down the line.

When you need to meet your company director responsibilities

Business owners often double as company directors in start-ups and small businesses, but the role of company director brings its own challenges and legal implications. We can make sure you fulfil your responsibilities with practical advice and ongoing guidance. If you find you’re unclear on the needs and challenges that being a director brings, we can provide training to make sure you feel confident in your new role, covering all the key issues and addressing any of the key concerns that you may have.

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