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If you’re looking to buy, sell or merge your business

Meet the team:

Buying, selling and merging in business are all huge steps for anyone. There can be a range of issues, from property and finance to employment. Our experienced team can make sure all bases are covered, and you can focus on the commercial reasoning behind your decisions.

When you’re growing through acquisitions

Whether it is an asset purchase or a share purchase, the decision to grow through acquisitions is a big one and one that needs strong support to carry out. Our corporate team can draw on their years of experience when drafting the purchase agreements and other relevant documents and advising on the details of the deal with one eye on the bigger picture, to make sure that you are properly protected against any risk that you may be taking on.

When you want to sell some or all of your business

Selling some or the whole of your business is a decision that combines emotional and commercial reasoning. With plans for the proceeds often formed before the monies are realised, our expert team will guide you through the process to help make sure the sale progresses as quickly and smoothly as possible, making sure that a thorough disclosure exercise is undertaken so you can be comfortable with the provisions of the sale agreement that continue to affect you after exiting.

When you need outside investment to grow

Sometimes an acquisition is only possible if supported by an external investor. Whether it be in order to finance a management buyout, or via a loan to an individual or individuals, our extensive network can assist you with obtaining investment. Our team of experts can work together to ensure that you receive the investment on the best possible terms and that the intricacies of both the investment/ loan and purchase agreements dove-tail together, so that nothing gets left behind.   Find out more about on how we can help you finance your venture on our Banking & Finance pages.

When you need to choose the right structure

When your business changes through mergers, acquisitions or demergers, you may find your current structure no longer works for you. We can clearly explain the options available to help you make the right choice so that your structure is fit to meet your needs. That might be a joint venture, partnership, LLP, limited company or perhaps something else dependent on your circumstances.

When you’re sharing sensitive information

Handling confidential information as part of the buying, selling or merging of a business is a necessary means to an end. Our team can draft bespoke non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements to protect you when you share your sensitive information.  Find out more how our team can help with data protection.

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