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If you’re a sole trader, self employed or consultant

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Working for yourself, in various contexts, can be hugely rewarding financially, professionally and personally. It’s important to make sure you’re employment status is accurate in order to make sure your rights are protected and you avoid any tax issues. Depending on the nature of your work, the clients or businesses you work with or for and the time you spend in that working relationship, this status may evolve or develop into a different relationship which can have an impact on your rights, personal accountability and liability.

If you need to decide on an employment status

Some self-employed individuals are in fact workers or employees by the very nature of their work over time with an end client.  An employment status is not fixed indefinitely, and often circumstances can mean that your status changes over time in ways that you may not always be aware of. As experienced advisers, Kennedys will take a detailed and factual view on how the relationship works in practice with the end client.

Changing status can have implications on the tax you pay, so it’s important to get good advice. IR35, which was introduced to crack down on a form of perceived tax avoidance, affects a lot of consultants and can cause significant financial issues for those affected. With a nationally recognised financial law team in house, we can help you untangle the issues surrounding potential tax avoidance cases and steer you through the various options open to you.

If you need to make sure you have the right documents in place

Ensuring your document is correct and appropriate can save disputes and issues further down the line with clients, suppliers, businesses or individuals. Our experienced team can help you draft or review important agreements such as consultancy agreements, draft these for end users or review them for consultants.

If you have a dispute

We can help you if you are in dispute with your client, for example, if they have not paid you.  Or, if you believe you are a ‘worker’ or ‘employee’ and you are being denied certain rights or benefits.


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