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When you turn to Kennedys, you are the asset we protect.  From mediation to dispute resolution and court proceedings, our promise is to provide the best legal representation and the highest level of consideration and care at all times. We also aim to keep costs as manageable as possible throughout the course of our work for you.

When you’re faced with common employment issues

During the course of your employment you may encounter all manner of uncomfortable issues ranging from disciplinary and grievance situations to bullying and harassment, performance management, sickness absence problems and issues relating to your family friendly rights like maternity, paternity, adoption leave and flexible working.

Having a partner you can trust can make a huge difference, offering you jargon-free advice and assistance, helping you prepare for internal investigations or hearings, ensuring you are aware of the protections provided to you by the law and providing guidance as to how best to respond to any problems you may be facing at work. Knowing that you have our expert professional assistance will enable you to navigate your way through such problems with clarity and confidence.

When you need advice on a Settlement Agreement

If you are faced with the prospect of a formal legal settlement with your employer, it’s important that you take your own independent legal advice on the settlement agreement, which is sometimes called a compromise agreement.   Kennedys’ employment specialists can advise you in a straightforward way, avoiding unnecessary jargon, and negotiate a better deal for you if appropriate.

When you need advice on a contract of employment or employee benefits

A contract of employment is essential to set out the terms of your role, and avoid any disputes further down the line. It’s important that employees of all levels of seniority have their contracts reviewed and negotiated to make sure the terms are suitable for both parties.

When you feel that you’ve been discriminated against  

 If you feel that you’ve been discriminated against based on your age, disability, gender reassignment, marital/civil partner status, pregnancy/maternity, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation it can be incredibly frustrating and upsetting. Our experienced team can advise you on the details of your case, and tell you what your rights are in your individual circumstances.

We will support you through the process of bringing a claim – whether through your employer’s internal procedures or in the Employment Tribunal – and can provide you with specialist advice in this complicated area of employment law.

When you need advice on dismissal

If you have been dismissed, are facing dismissal, have resigned or are thinking of resigning because of the way you have been treated, it can be a really difficult time, and it’s essential to get good, straightforward advice on your options.

Working with you to achieve the best possible outcome, from an agreed settlement or providing you with full representation through the Employment Tribunal process or something in-between, we take into account your individual circumstances alongside the merit of the case, putting you at the heart of everything we do.

Bringing a claim

Bringing an employment tribunal claim can be a daunting prospect.  Therefore, it is important to be properly supported and informed from start to finish to alleviate any stress during the process.  With wide-ranging experience in tribunal claims, the Kennedys team will advise and support you at all stages and to provide solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When you’re facing an employment tribunal

If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstances of having an employment claim to pursue, having an experienced partner in your corner can help alleviate some of your fears. The decision to bring a claim is not something you’ll take lightly and the circumstances surrounding such a decision are invariably stressful and often upsetting.

Assessing your case on its merits, while taking into account your personal circumstances and the impact on you from the outset, we’ll clearly explain all your options, tactics and risks associated with your claim.

Our considered approach allows a clear strategy to be put in place which we can follow and review with you as your case progresses through the Tribunal process. If settlement is an option, then we’ll work hard to negotiate to achieve the best deal for you

When you’re faced with redundancies or restructuring

If you’re being faced with redundancies, or a change to your role after your employer has restructured, it can be a very worrying and unsettling time. Having a partner on your side that understands your fears and apprehensions, and can advise you on the redundancy process and your legal rights can make the process much clearer.

If you have been offered a redundancy compensation package, it can be difficult to know what decision to make. We can advise you on the value of any offers and terms and will work hard to get the best outcome for you.

Our employment team can advise you when your feel your employer hasn’t followed the correct procedures or the process hasn’t been handled fairly.  Whether your employer has failed to consult with you, or you feel aggrieved by the selection pool, we can advise you on your rights and provide bespoke solutions to your situation.

When you need advice on restrictive covenants

Often employment contracts contain restrictions on what employees can do after their employment has ended, in terms of competing, dealing with their former employer’s customers or suppliers and employing former colleagues.

Such restrictions may well interfere with your future employment prospects, so it’s important that if you’re looking to enter into a contract containing restrictions, you’re properly advised as to what you are signing up to and whether/how the restrictions might be enforced against you.

If you’re considering a move, taking proper advice on the terms and effect of any restrictive covenants in your contract of employment before acting can limit the risks and avoid costly litigation. If your employment has ended and you are being threatened with legal action by your former employer for breaching such restrictions, we can help you to resolve the dispute, or defend your position.

When you need advice on TUPE

If all or part of the business you work for is being outsourced, taken back “in house” or sold, the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (commonly known as TUPE) may apply.  TUPE provides for the automatic transfer of your employment on the same terms and conditions.

The regulations are notoriously complex, and so we work hard to help our clients advice and guidance which is jargon-free, as well as technically sound, ensuring that they fully understand their legal rights and can proceed with confidence.

When you want to blow the whistle

If you are considering “blowing the whistle” by complaining to your employer about some wrongdoing, it can be very daunting and uncertainty around the implications of your actions is understandable. It’s important to take legal advice before you act so that you can make sure that you go about it in the right way and are prepared for what might happen after.

After taking a full impartial view of your case, our team will provide you with tailored advice, and if you feel that after raising a concern you are being treated unfairly, we’ll support you with specialist advice about your rights. If things progress further, we can represent you in an Employment Tribunal if you choose to take that route.


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