If you have issues during the employment relationship

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When you are dealing with performance issues

Proactively managing the performance of your employees, including levels of sickness absence, is crucial to achieving the highest levels of business performance.

Our expert employment team will guide you in considering any factors that may be causing underperformance and help you handle these too.  Factors that may be an issue are an employee’s ill-health, problems with childcare, workload/stress or bullying/harassment by another employee.

Whether it is putting in place and/or managing procedures to improve individual performance, advice on ensuring fairness in procedures that result in dismissal, or practical solutions to performance issues, our team will support you through the process to get the outcome you want.

When you are dealing with misconduct and disciplinary matters

All employers need a procedure for dealing with disciplinary issues.  Failure to follow a fair procedure when dealing with misconduct opens an employer up to potential liability, especially if the employee is ultimately dismissed.

Our employment experts can review or draft disciplinary policies and procedures and advise you on the processes necessary in any given situation, including supporting you through any informal or formal procedures.  We always take a commercial and practical approach based on your objectives.

When an employee raises a grievance 

Many employers are fortunate not to have employees with lots of grievances.  However, when one comes along it is important to deal with it appropriately.  Liability can arise if grievances are not investigated and dealt with fairly, so each one is important.  Furthermore, a grievance may give you an insight into individuals/areas of the business which require training and/or disciplinary action, to avoid liability in the future.

We can help you to comply with the requirements of employment law by drafting a grievance procedure, reviewing an existing one, or helping you to navigate the process in the event that you find yourself dealing with an employee with a grievance.

When you need advice on social media

Social media can be a great opportunity for a business to attract new customers and develop important relationships. It can, however, have disastrous consequences if unacceptable posts are made and circulated by employees (whether on behalf of the organisation or in their personal capacity). Making sure that staff understand what is and is not acceptable online is a complicated task, and one that changes as quickly as technology develops.

Avoiding potential reputational damage isn’t always as easy as it sounds. A carefully drafted social media policy will help to address any potential issues and, in combination with suitable training, ensure that everyone is clear on the boundaries between personal and professional use.

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