If you’re terminating an employment relationship

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Breach of contractual obligations on termination

An employment contract will normally contain obligations surrounding the termination of employment, such as the provision of notice, returning property and confidential information, final holiday, salary and expenses payments, and relevant deductions where the employee has had the benefits of things paid for by the employer. Even where the termination of employment has been amicable (but especially if it hasn’t) these matters are important and can be a headache.

Our expert employment team is on hand to assist your business in dealing with breaches of the employment contract relating to obligations on termination.

When you need help with a settlement agreement

Settlement agreements are important documents which must be negotiated and drafted carefully in order to get a satisfactory outcome. They are important tools for protecting an employer from employment tribunal claims and therefore creating commercial certainty. Whilst most settlement agreements are used in the context of the employee leaving your business, they can be used to settle existing disputes even if the employment relationship is continuing.

When an employee makes post-termination contact

When a person’s employment comes to an end, but they get back in touch – usually requesting a reference, but potentially also about issues that arose when they were still employed – depending on the circumstances it can put employers in a tricky situation. If you are contacted by a former employee who has complaints or questions or wants a reference, we can advise you on your obligations.

Enforcement of post-termination restrictions

Many employers include post-termination restrictions in their employment contracts.  An employee who breaches their post-termination restrictions can have a significant impact on a business. Whether this is by way of poaching clients, or setting up a company in direct competition with a previous employer, we can advise and support you in taking action to stop an employee in that situation and to recover any losses suffered, taking practical and legal steps to manage the situation and minimise damage to the business.

When you need representation in a tribunal claim

Receiving an employment tribunal can be worrying, but our expert solicitors will provide you with the support needed through the process from start to finish.  We work closely with you to understand all aspects of the claim and will represent your organisation‘s interests tirelessly throughout the employment tribunal proceedings.

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