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When you are considering redundancies or restructuring

If you are considering making redundancies or carrying out a restructure of your business, there are some difficult decisions to be made. Any decisions will impact not only on those being faced with redundancy, but also on the managers making the difficult decisions and employees that remain.

Managing the process in the right way is essential to protect your business from the risk of unfair dismissal claims. Our expert team has extensive practical experience in this area and can provide ongoing support and assistance to guide you through the process on a step-by-step basis.

Working Time Regulations / National Minimum Wage

All employers need to understand their obligations regarding Working Time (including annual leave, hours of work, rest breaks and holidays) and the National Minimum Wage.  These Regulations have been in force for nearly 20 years, but they are regularly amended and have recently been the subject of both UK and European case law which have heavily impacted on employers.  Compliance is key because enforcement action can be taken and fines can be raised on non-compliant organisations in addition to the threat of employment tribunal claims by employees.

We have expertise and years of experience dealing with the technicalities of these regulations, advising on practical steps to ensure compliance in a way which is right for each individual client, and ensuring that each client gets bespoke and commercial advice on how these areas of law impact their organisation.

When you need advice on TUPE

When one business is acquired by or merges with another, the Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) regulations 2006 (“TUPE”) – which provide employment protection for employees affected by the transfer – must be considered.

At Kennedys our expert employment team provide advice in relation to all aspects of TUPE.  We can analyse your proposed transaction to help you understand the potential legal and commercial impact of TUPE from the outset, and we support you in planning and complying with your legal obligations.  We can advise you on how to deal with any unforeseen issues which may arise with your employees in the course of a transaction and provide support and representation in claims made under the TUPE Regulations.

When you are dealing with trade unions

Relations between employers and trade unions can be strained and it is important to obtain practical advice from solicitors with experience in managing trade union relationships, whether this involves formal recognition; consultation; collective bargaining or industrial action.

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