If you’re commencing the employment relationship

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Ensuring your organisation is aware of the pitfalls of the recruitment process is essential to protect it from potential issues before the employment relationship commences.  Obligations not to discriminate unlawfully start from the application stage, meaning job adverts have to be carefully prepared and application/interview processes properly managed. For instance, reasonable adjustments for disabled applicants may need to be considered.

We can advise your organisation on its requirements at all stages of the recruitment process, from advising on the job advert to drafting an offer letter.

When you need an employment contract/handbook

An employment contract is the first place to look when an employment problem arises in the workplace. It is therefore of vital importance that each clause of an employment contract and staff handbook is drafted carefully.

Our team is able to apply its drafting skills to all types of contracts of employment, from standard junior contracts to senior executive and directors’ service agreements.  Whatever your need, be it a full-time contract, zero hours’ contract, service agreement or consultancy agreement, we have the expertise to help you.

We also draft complete staff handbooks or individual policies, as required.  Please click here to see our offer of a free MOT for your business’ employment documentation.

When you need advice on contractual restrictions

Restrictions placed on employees in their employment contracts, often in the form of ‘non-compete’ or ‘non-solicitation’ clauses, can have significant consequences for businesses if breached. It is important that these restrictions are carefully drafted, regularly reviewed and fully understood if they are to adequately protect your organisation.

Our team is able to draft restrictive covenants, advise you if a former employee is in breach of their obligations, and represent you if you are looking to enforce the restrictive covenants.

In addition, there are other atypical restrictions, such as recovery of training fees, which we can advise you on.

Considering bonus and other incentive schemes

Some valuable prospective employees will want to negotiate their remuneration and benefits package, which often involves performance-related commission, bonus or other incentive schemes.  We can assist you with this negotiation, and prepare any incentive schemes in order to provide for your commercial objectives and maintain the protection that you need.  Well drafted and clearly communicated bonus and incentive schemes are key to minimising any disputes.

If your organisation is considering setting up a bonus or other incentive scheme, for a new employee or generally for its workforce, our employment team is on hand to assist you to prepare something which meets your objectives.

When you need advice on background checks and obtaining references

There is always a risk that a prospective employee is not who they say they are, or that their stated experience doesn’t quite “stack up”. It is therefore of vital importance that employers consider the terms of any job offers and whether they wish (or are required in their industry) to undertake checks before the employment relationship begins.

We can provide advice on pre-employment checks, when they may be required and on requesting and receiving references.

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