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Whether you are looking to restructure your business due to urgent creditor pressure, being let down by bad debts or simply trying to be more efficient as part of a longer term strategy Kennedys’ team will assist and advise throughout the process.

You may have questions similar to the below when restructuring:

Options and solutions for corporate restructuring

In order to achieve your goals it may mean looking to restructure some or all of the business often by way of a pre-or post-administration sale of assets and sourcing additional funding in order to save it.

Sometimes, if all other options have been exhausted, it may even mean managing a controlled wind down of the business to minimise loss again with or without administration leading into a voluntary winding up of the business.

It is important at all times to be proactive during the process. Restructuring and insolvency should not be seen as the final step but rather as an option, like refinancing or litigation, to be considered as early as possible to allow for complications such as wrongful trading and fraudulent trading issues to be considered and addressed to minimise the unintended consequences that may arise.

This not only allows for more options and a better outcome but also means the right steps can be taken to ensure that everyone is considered and protected from directors to creditors to employees.

Why Kennedys for Corporate Restructuring?

For each matter Kennedys assembles a partner led team of the appropriate skills required (insolvency, finance, corporate, real estate, employment) for every new matter so that you get a team tailored to achieving your outcome.

Kennedys works with experienced professionals (insolvency practitioners, funders and accountants) of all sizes, from regional to national and international, to ensure that the advice and support you receive is the most appropriate for your situation.

Kennedys is not tied to any bank panels or insolvency interests and therefore has freedom to ensure that you receive the right advice from the right people.

Kennedys doesn’t simply perform the legal functions but will work, as part of the overall team, to ensure that the combined experience of that team (which includes you, the directors) is effectively engaged to ensure that all options are discussed and explored.

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