If you’re facing enforcement issues in an insolvency process

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Are you dealing with a debtor that has gone or is going into an insolvency process?

Do you need advice on entering or forcing a company to enter administration or liquidation?

Perhaps your lender is about to appoint or has already appointed an LPA Receiver.

Kennedys is able to provide advice on the options available to you and steps that might be taken to maximise any return.

At this point you may be asking:

What solutions are available for Enforcement?

Individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) and company voluntary arrangements (CVAs) require careful scrutiny to ensure that your position is best protected and advice is required.

Sometimes it may seem that the Insolvency Practitioner who is running the process is not particularly responsive or is not looking after your interests. This is something we can assist with whether it is by improving the communication and feedback or by ensuring that the correct steps are being taken to protect your position.

Sometimes it may be necessary to replace the insolvency practitioner to ensure that the insolvency is dealt with fairly.

Kennedys can provide advice and guidance whenever an insolvency process is in place or is being considered.

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