If you’re facing personal financial pressure and insolvency

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If you are facing personal creditor pressure, whether as a result of a failed business or due to unforeseen circumstances, then there can be a temptation to try and avoid dealing with things or to simply await the inevitable.

Facing personal financial pressure and insolvency you may be questioning:

At Kennedys we are experienced in assisting individuals who are facing difficult times and the earlier you seek assistance the better.  It is important that any transactions that have taken place prior to any formal settlement or insolvency process are considered to avoid third parties and family members facing action.

What solutions are available?

There are options available to almost everyone and whilst exploring those options may not prevent the inevitable, it may allow you to protect important assets for you and your family, and also minimise stress and prevent further issues arising.

The solutions may range from reaching formal or informal settlements to proposing an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA).

If bankruptcy is deemed to be the best option then Kennedys can assist with the process both leading up to the event and afterwards. We have experience in dealing with the queries that may be raised and the duties owed.

Why work with Kennedys when facing personal financial pressure and insolvency’

Kennedys work alongside other experienced professionals to offer advice on the various options to those who may find themselves under pressure from creditors.

Kennedys can assist you at each step either alongside the general advice of an insolvency practitioner or separately in respect of the personal issues that arise.

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