If you’re an office holder facing insolvency

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Kennedys are experienced at all aspects of personal and corporate insolvency from pursuing antecedent transactions, to demanding information from third parties, to pre-administration sales.

As an office holder facing insolvency you may have questions such as:

Why Kennedys for insolvency?

Kennedys have an experienced and flexible team available to assist IPs with any matter in a quick and efficient manner, ensuring compliance with the appropriate regulations and on a cost effective basis.

Kennedys look to assist in a manner that compliments your existing processes and can tailor reporting accordingly.  Whether it is taking an initial view on a potentially challengeable antecedent transaction or exploring the options available to the office holder, we are happy to discuss.

Kennedys is not tied into any restrictive panels and is therefore free to examine any potential claims against the major financial institutions.  We are free to advise on the options to deal with such a claim, including assignment for the benefit of creditors where an IP is not in a position to progress it themselves.

Find out more about Kennedys’  experience with insolvency related and debt claims.

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