Interest Rate Swaps Mis-selling

Do you have a dispute over mis-sold interest rate swaps?

Was the product you bought not
properly explained? Have you been charged a large fee to exit one of these arrangements?

​RBS's GRG/West Register Claims
Since 2008 Berg has been representing clients in respect of banking disputes, including RBS's use of GRG and West Register.  Many of these claims are illustrated in the recent Tomlinson Report concerning the treatment  of customers in distress.

Interest Rate Hedging Products
Interest Rate Hedging Product arrangements involve highly complicated financial products, that were often sold by the banks to Small & Medium Enterprises ("SMEs") in questionable circumstances.
Many SMEs are now facing huge payments under these agreements which they must continue to pay for the full term of the Swaps despite the substantial changes in the economic climate.
Products sold as 'protection' are now crippling businesses who now seek to exit the arrangements and discover that significant exit or cancellation fees are payable, these can be up to 50% of the initial loan.
This may also become apparent when the underlying loans are paid off and the businesses find that the loans and swaps are two separate agreements; meaning that businesses must continue to make payments under the swap agreement even if they have repaid their loan
If your business is suffering, what can you do? We can help ensure that you are fully aware of your position and what potential claims you might have against the bank.

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