If you need help with an Injunction

Meet the team:

Urgent business issues can arise which require emergency applications to the court to restrain a party from carrying on certain activities.

We will work around the clock to bring your application to court in the shortest possible timeframe.

We have a dedicated team who will help clients apply for and/ or defend injunctions, working quickly and incisively in preparing strong evidence and always considering your commercial objectives.

Our experience includes bringing and defending injunctions relating to:

Misuse of confidential information or trade secrets

Most employment contracts contain obligations on employees not to use confidential information or trade secrets either during or after their employment. Similar obligations not to use confidential information or trade secrets are often contained in consultant, franchise, agent agreements or Non-Disclosure Agreements. Sometimes confidential information is taken to use for competing business or for an employee’s personal gain. We are experienced in pursuing applications for injunctions to restrain the employee or ex- employee from using this information and to deliver up what they have taken (whether in hard copy or electronically)

Breach of restrictive covenants by ex-employees or consultants

Most employees will be obliged not to compete or not to poach other staff within a certain time period/ location after their exit from the business. Where these terms are breached, we will assess the validity of the clauses and consider an application for an injunction to prevent further breaches and minimise loss and protect your business.

Inducing breaches of contractual relations

If a business uses unlawfully obtained competitor information and gains from it, financially or otherwise, it may be inducing a breach of contract. In other cases individuals or businesses may actively encourage customers of certain businesses to breach their own customer contracts. This can lead to applications for an injunction to stop the breach and to prevent any damage or loss.

Freezing assets

If you are owed money by a business or individual and there is a risk that they will dissipate their assets or deliberately put them out of reach, we have the expertise to obtain a High Court order to freeze some or all of their assets for certain period of time, pending resolution of your dispute.

The presentation and/ or advertisement of winding up petitions

Sometimes creditors try put pressure on a non-paying debtor by threatening to put them in to liquidation or ‘wind them up’. Winding up petitions are a matter of public record and once advertised, often attract the attention of other creditors. It may even lead to the freezing of the businesses’ bank accounts. However, petitions should only be brought if there is evidence that the debtor is unable to pay their debts. If there is a genuine dispute over the debt, we will consider whether it is necessary to apply for an injunction to restrain the issuing or advertising of a winding up petition against a company.

If you have had defamatory comments made about you or are the subject of online abuse

Sometimes a person or businesses will write or post material which is defamatory about an individual or business which causes them harm and distress, whether financial or reputational, or both.  Our specialist team will review the options to remove the defamatory material or claim to recover your losses.

Search and seize orders

Sometimes someone has documentation or information which is relevant to your claim or has unlawfully taken your confidential information or documents and you believe that it will be destroyed or not provided voluntarily. In serious cases, it may be possible to obtain a search and seize order to attend their premises and take copies of documents or electronic information in their possession.

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