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If you’re a property developer

Meet the team:

Our real estate team has all the necessary skills and experience to provide you with the advice and support needed throughout the life cycle of your commercial or residential development project, from concept to practical completion and disposal.

Terms and conditions and planning permission

We can provide strategic advice on:

Buying land and raising finance

We adopt a practical and pro-active approach to buying your site and can provide assistance with your purchase and development costs, including raising the necessary finance. More often nowadays, lenders want to minimize risk before agreeing to lend. We can help you to make your site more attractive to lenders by, for instance, rectifying title defects, removing unlawful occupiers, obtaining third part rights.

Once the construction phase has started, we will be on hand to advise and navigate you through any unforeseen challenges, providing practical and timely solutions.

Following practical completion

Developers want to exit the site as soon as possible to move onto their next project. In readiness for practical completion, we can advise you on:

If you wish to speak to somebody about your proposed development, please contact our team now by using the contact form on this page, calling or emailing on


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