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School governors and the senior leadership team have a central role to play in leading the development of a school, which should include input from every stakeholder with an interest in the school, including, but not limited to: pupils, parents, teachers and, where applicable, its local authority.

Kennedys can offer support for all stakeholders and understands the environment and the challenges that institutions and individuals within the education sector face. Not only are Kennedys experts in the legal obligations required from education providers, but also in the implications and requirements of a school’s business management and governance.

Operation and governance of the school

Kennedys  can provide on-going advice regarding the latest government proposals, legislation, regulations and policies affecting the education sector. Further, Kennedys can advise upon the requirements and structure of a school’s management and governance teams to include the constitutional documents, policies, processes and decision-making rights and areas of responsibility.

General advice to Governors

Becoming a school governor carries with it not just a great moral responsibility to promote and advance the educational prowess of a school, but significant legal responsibilities as well. Kennedys can guide and provide training to governors on the legal issues facing them in their role.

Constitutional matters and conflicts of interest

School governors are drawn from diverse backgrounds and will deal with a variety of people and organisations with different objectives and priorities. Schools must avoid situations where a conflict may arise and act in the best interests of the organisation as a whole. Kennedys has experience in drafting and reviewing the constitutional documents of a school with a view to avoiding common pitfalls.


Support agencies and organisations, such as the Education Funding Agency and the DfE, will require full transparency with regards to the running of a school. They will want to see that it is well run and, of course, financially solvent. A school must critically assess their policies, processes and procedures to ensure compliance with the various applicable requirements, regulations and legislation. Kennedys can review and report on its policies in order for a school to meet its various obligations.

Governance structures

Kennedys’ dedicated team understand, and can advise upon, the value of academic governance in establishing accountability, clarity and effective scrutiny, all with the intention of providing the best education possible for a school’s students. Good governance allows governors, business managers, teachers, staff and partners to carry out their duties with a clear understanding of their personal responsibilities.

Roles, duties and responsibilities

There are certain high level duties that are placed upon governors and trustees. School governors and trustees must be very careful in meeting their obligations, as if they fail to comply with the terms of the trust or their fiduciary duties, they can be made personally liable to put right or “restore” any losses to the trustee school’s assets. Kennedys can fully advise educational professionals on what would be expected of them in their respective roles.


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