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Whilst the success of a school can be attributed to the hard work and attitude of its people there is also much to be said for providing a suitable space and environment where learning can take place, whether that is a classroom, a building or a campus.

Our Real Estate team can offer tailored services within the education sector to provide practical advice about the wide ranging issues that a school will encounter relating to land and buildings.

Some examples of the issues that we can help with include:

Land Ownership

In many circumstances the land and buildings which a school occupies will belong to the Local Authority, governing body or trustees however, this is not always the case.  Often situations will arise whereby the school will need to make arrangements in relation to the shared use of facilities in order to effectively deliver the curriculum to its students.  This can encompass a variety of matters including but not limited to Leases, Licences and acquisition and disposal of premises.

Our Real Estate team can advise on each circumstance as to appropriate courses of action, alternative options available and negotiation of suitable draft documents through to completion.  Thereafter we will deal with the post completion formalities to ensure that each arrangement is correctly registered, if necessary, at the Land Registry to protect the interests of the relevant parties.

Academy Conversion

Our Real Estate team has experience and knowledge of the documents and procedures involved in conversion to provide relevant advice to schools embarking on this process in conjunction with the Education Team.

In addition to the DfE’s model lease, the conversion procedure involves a scheme of due diligence to ascertain (amongst other things) whether the necessary rights and easements are in place for the school to operate as intended.  For instance, this may involve negotiation of shared access and rights of way, ensuring proper legal arrangements for the supply and use of services and utilities and formalising the use of premises or land owned by others, for instance, playing fields or sports facilities etc.


A school building lends itself naturally to be a focus of community life, simply by virtue of its location and facilities.  This can mean that community groups, such as Scout and Guide associations, lifestyle classes and sporting organisations want to make use of the facilities.  These arrangements can often be ad hoc and informal and our Real Estate team can offer practical and cost effective advice in relation to formalising these agreements and thereby maintaining good and consistent relations within the community.

Acquisition and Disposal of Land

Within the lifetime of a school there may arise needs and opportunities to acquire land, whether by purchase, lease or other short term arrangements, or indeed to release land for the purposes of sale or to put to alternative use.   We can assist with all elements of these transactions, including where necessary advising on any requirements to obtain relevant consents and the preparation of appropriate documentation.


There any many worthwhile organisations that offer various types of funding to the education sector, including UK government Agencies and the National Lottery as well as grant making Trusts and Foundations.  Some elements of these have a land and property element upon which our Real Estate team can advise and assist anyone who finds themselves responsible for or involved in fundraising for schools from external sources.

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