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With people at the heart of every successful school, navigating and keeping up-to-date with the constant changes in HR can be challenging.  However, there is no doubt that it contributes significantly to the learning outcomes for pupils – the most important thing in any educational establishment.

The variety of roles and the different types of employment status that exist within schools and colleges makes for a wide-ranging mix of HR and employment law issues.

We can help you with all manner of questions, including:

Employment documentation

There are a large number of employment documents in any school or college, from contracts of employment for teaching and non-teaching staff, HR records, policies on everything from equality and diversity to data protection, and formal procedures for sickness absence, performance management, disciplinary processes and grievances.

We can review and advise you on the need to update and amend your current documents, or provide you with new policies and contracts that are up to date and fit-for-purpose.  The best place to start is with our free MOT of your current documentation.

HR and Employment advice and support

Whether you need advice, knowhow, training or support, our employment experts have extensive experience to help you not only reduce risk, but make a positive impact on your school by providing advice and assistance as unique as your team.

Our specialists will partner with you to provide the type and level of support that you need, on the full range of HR and employment queries and issues.  This can be from advising on day-to-day HR matters, to dealing with complex TUPE situations, supporting you in disciplinary and grievance procedures, redundancy processes, absence and performance management issues, as well as providing employment tribunal representation.

Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Schools and colleges have a wide range of stakeholders and many obligations to them, including in the related areas of data protection and freedom of information.  Our experts can support you in responding to requests for information or personal data, provide advice and policies for your school to manage risk, and can help you to resolve any difficult situations or disputes that may arise in these areas.


We help schools and academies keep up to date with employment legislation and HR practice, and can provide informative sessions on specific problem areas such as social media and capability procedures.  Our interactive training sessions provide practical hands-on advice for your senior leadership team and managers with personnel responsibility.

Feel free to read the feedback on our training from head teachers and governors in our testimonial page.


Does your school have systems in place to ensure that concerned teachers and pupils can report concerns and feel protected? It’s vital that all education providers understand the whistleblowing process and the challenges and risks they may face in the aftermath, and all employees feel they can speak out without the potential of being penalised or victimised.

Find out here how are expert employment team can protect you through the whistleblowing process from start to finish.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Supporting pupils with complex learning and other physical or mental needs is an important part of a school’s obligations, but it comes with potentially complicated circumstances and which the schools and the families involved will need to navigate.  We help schools to understand their obligations in general as well as specific situations and supported them through the practical requirements of admissions, reasonable adjustments and appeals, as appropriate for each individual school.

Whether dealing with teachers or non-teaching staff we have the experience and understanding to provide comprehensive and valuable support and form a partnership working together to ensure educational excellence.


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