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There is an ever increasing need for schools to operate under a ‘business’ like model; ensuring that funding and expenditure is heavily scrutinised within the annual budget. Our commercial team are perfectly placed to assist education clients through many essential aspects of business, and as a school’s partner will work closely with you on contractual and commercial matters that you need expert assistance with.

Kennedys will take the burden of any complex legal situation away from the school; whether you want to protect intellectual property, draw up and negotiate commercial agreements or require advice on data protection regulations, Kennedys’ lawyers have the essential know-how to safeguard your school.

Commercial Agreements

It is important for education providers to ensure that their relationships with contractors and suppliers are in suitable order. When entering into commercial agreements, Kennedys has dedicated legal advisors, specialising in contract law, who understand the needs of the education sector to draft and negotiate documents on behalf of the school.

Data Protection

Storing, handling and collecting personal data of pupils, parents and employees is essential for any school. Data protection is becoming an increasingly hot topic with news stories highlighting organisations that are falling foul of compliance with data protection requirements. Obtaining practical advice on protecting data will allow a school to keep personal data secure and handled correctly. Kennedys can help schools make sense of, and work within, the complex regulations.

Intellectual Property

Kennedys’ experts are well placed to advise education professionals on the identification and protection of a school’s intellectual property and the rights attributed to it. Whether a school wishes to exploit its intellectual property or defend any challenges against it, Kennedys can draw upon its experience to help the education sector fully capitalise on the value of its intangible assets.


A well planned procurement process can help schools to get value for money and to follow EU procurement law. A local authority school may also need to build a ‘business case’ to present to their local authority when considering purchasing certain goods and services.   Kennedys ‘ experts are able to guide schools through the procurement process, from inception to completion, giving school’s confidence that they have complied with all of their legal requirements, whilst ensuring that they get a worthwhile return on investment. Furthermore, Kennedys’ experienced contract lawyers can review, draft and negotiate a broad spectrum of commercial agreements on behalf of the school.



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