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If you are a science and tech start-up or microbusiness

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When you’ve decided to take a leap into the unknown and set up a business, you’ve probably had countless sleepless nights and infinite coffee fueled conversations about the potential of the idea you’ve been nurturing. Taking the brave step towards making it a reality may feel like relying on your dreams to support you financially, so it’s important that your venture is protected from the start.

Our dedicated team of legal experts can help you to lay the foundations for your new business so that when you come to trade, you have the right structure and documents in place and there are no nasty surprises waiting around the corner.

The UK has an incredible history of innovation, and the thriving and diverse science and technology industry is supported by countless small businesses with a bright idea. By working hard to understand your goals, we can help you choose the right structure, set up shareholder agreements, commercial contacts and the crucial Non-Disclosure Agreement that no innovative business should be without.

If you have gone beyond the formation stage and are trading, but need access to funding and finance to grow your business to the next level, we can help you to secure the funding you need through a range of channels, including alternative finance and crowd funding to help your dreams come to fruition.

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  • If you are a science and tech start-up or microbusiness
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