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If you want to invest in science and technology businesses

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When considering where to invest your hard earned money, few fields offer the potential rewards of science and technology. Financial gains aside, investment in the field can facilitate the development of life changing drug treatments, technologies that could improve lives and processes that could save countless hours of productivity. Investment in start-ups and microbusinesses can be a philanthropic move, but we understand that you still want it to pay off.

If you can see the potential bonuses in investing in UK start-ups and micro business, then our experts can help you to identify and facilitate the right opportunities for you.

If you’ve already found the start-up or micro business that you want to invest in, it’s essential that you get the right advice to make sure the documentation is all in place to allow your money to go where you want it to, and not get tied up in red tape and legalities. Our dedicated commercial team can guide you through the process and make sure both sides are protected, so that your investment is well spent.

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