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The UK has an incredible history of innovation, and the thriving and diverse science and technology industry is supported by countless businesses of all shapes and sizes with a drive to see change. Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established company, our partner led approach helps our clients address key issues like structure, commercial documents, funding and people management to allow them to focus on driving innovation.

For many in the science and technology sector, long term goals like international trade, acquiring other ventures or looking to sell the company in the future will have a significant impact on how the business is developed from day one. Getting the right advice early on can allow you to set up the right structure and governance for the future – and ensure your innovation and ideas deliver you the returns you need.

From understanding how to protect your intellectual property and how to leverage it for development investment, or understanding what business and governance structures are right for you at different stages of your development, our dedicated team can help you to meet your goals.

From our base in Manchester, a city at the forefront of scientific development for centuries, we play a significant part in the north west science and tech sector, helping shape the direction the city takes on a national and international stage providing advice, training and thought-leadership for businesses and supporting the IPExpo and the European capital of Science 2016.

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