Startup to small business – how to avoid legal disputes

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You’re starting out, or thinking of starting out in business.  From setting out the right agreements, contracts and protections to knowing what to do when your startup hits the first obstacle – there is a range of issues to consider when starting out.

In this video solicitors Chris Glover and Mark Fairclough give top tips for setting out on the right foot with a startup and avoiding disputes and tricky situations that could put your business in peril from the beginning, including:

• Clearly setting out arrangements between founders, investors and shareholders.

• Obtaining legal and accounting advice about the way to run your business.

• Doing the background work on your intellectual property and checking you won’t be infringing anyone else’s rights with your work.

• Applying for the relevant IP and trademarks for use in your business.

• Providing written contracts for your employers and contractors clearly setting out roles.

• Preparing terms and conditions for common transactions.

How can I get startup or dispute resolution advice?

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